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Home Health Nursing

If you are looking for home health nursing in Midland, Odessa, Andrews, Kermit, Monahans, or other outlying areas, NursEx Home Health can help. Nursing care inside the home can greatly benefit someone who has had a recent hospitalization, has frequent falls, or needs help with disease or medication education and management. We can help reduce the potential for re-hospitalization and help monitor pain and symptoms. We provide instruction for blood pressure, weight, diet, and vital sign management. Our nurses can also perform wound care (including dressing changes and wound vac management) and instruction, ostomy education, Foley catheter care, and make sure your home does not have any safety issues that might contribute to a fall.

Benefits of Home Health Nursing
Nursing care inside the home is very beneficial to patients who have difficulty leaving the house. Things like poor balance, poor endurance, pain that affects mobility, and fatigue due to a disease process may be a hindrance. If it is unsafe for you to leave the house due to visual or auditory deficits or if you have to have assistance from others, home health nursing might be your answer. Patients who are oxygen dependent and are unable to walk more than 20 feet without shortness of break also do well with a nurse who can come to their home.

  • Certified Nurses Assistants

    We also provide home health aides to those who need that service. Each of our aides are Certified Nursing Assistants and are well-trained and experienced in helping our patients with services such as bathing and monitoring vital signs. They can also help monitor skin integrity, which is very important for patients who are at home.
  • Partners in Health

    At NursEx Home Health, we are partners with you and your physician! We will work together to develop a plan of care to address your medical needs and decide if there are other therapies that may be beneficial to you as well. Our nurses are highly qualified and provide top-notch care for our patients. From disease management to education to wound care, we can do it all.

Qualifying for Home Health

To qualify for home health services the recipient:

  • Must be under the care of a physician
  • Must require services that can only be delivered by a skilled medical professional
  • Must demonstrate that leaving the home is difficult or requires taxing effort
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