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Home Health Speech Therapy

Speech therapy plays an important role in the well-rounded care of patients who need it at NursEx Home Health. Just like our nursing and physical therapy programs, our speech program also covers the Midland, Odessa, Andrews, Kermit areas as well as Monahans and other outlying areas. Our speech therapist holds M.S.;CCC-SLP credentials which means she has the experience and knowledge to evaluate and treat each patient with an individualized care plan.

A speech therapist is skilled in treating a variety of conditions including aphasia/dysphasia (inability or difficulty speaking) and aphagia/dysphagia (inability or difficulty swallowing). A speech therapist can also help with oral communication and cognition or memory problems that follow a stroke.

Ataxia is a lack of muscle coordination which may affect speech, eye movements, the ability to swallow, walking, picking up objects, and other voluntary movements. Patients with ataxia can benefit from the help of speech therapy in conjunction with other modalities.

Our speech therapy department helps close the gap in the circle of complete patient care. We are proud to offer this vitally important service to our patients!

Qualifying for Home Health

To qualify for home health services the recipient:

  • Must be under the care of a physician
  • Must require services that can only be delivered by a skilled medical professional
  • Must demonstrate that leaving the home is difficult or requires taxing effort
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